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Madoka Magica c10

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Slow, etc. Chapter 11 @ me trying to translate this afterword/bonus page properly orz

17:37 <+rerun2323> denpa onna is amazing
17:37 <+rerun2323> rave rave rave
17:37 <+Aspirin> which episode are you on?
17:37 <+rerun2323> I’ve finished 8
17:37 <+Aspirin> how was episode 3, then?
17:38 <+rerun2323> we should try to fly like that
17:38 <+rerun2323> maybe we will fly!
17:38 <+Aspirin> he broke his arm
17:38 <+Aspirin> you would probably bruise a bit
17:38 <+rerun2323> but first
17:38 <+Aspirin> not many massive downhills leading to cliffs over water around here, though
17:38 <+rerun2323> we need some lightweight woman to provide the front load
17:39 <+rerun2323> and a futon
17:39 <~Shini-tan> ………..
17:39 <%Menma> uh
17:39 -!- Shini-tan is now known as Shini|afk
17:39 <+Aspirin> shini, are you free next weekend?
17:39 <%Menma> rofl
17:39 <+Aspirin> damn
17:39 <~Shini|afk> NO
17:39 <~Shini|afk> I AM NOT


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